Planning Application Maps

Order A4 to A0 Stanfords OS Planning Application Maps from Stanfords Portal (PDF / TIFF).

Suitable for Planning Applications or Land Registry enquiries, order Stanfords A4 to A0 Block Plans – 1:200 or 1:500 and A4 to A0 Site Plans - 1:1250 or 1:2500 in black & white or full colour.

Our OS Planning maps include a North Arrow, Scale Bar, Date of purchase and OS license details and our maps can be annotated with red or blue lines to highlight application site boundaries as you place your order.

More mapping and data products are coming soon – if you can’t find what you need here, please contact our Service Centre team – [email protected]

Stanfords Portal User Guide

Stanfords OS Planning Maps – How to Order

  • Select Planning Application – Print on the Product Category Dropdown.

  • Choose OS MasterMap Colour or Mono from the next Dropdown.

  • Search for your site centre using Postcode, Coordinates, Free Text Address, Free Text Places or OS Grid Reference.

  • Select the address / location result and accept the OS View Charge.

  • Choose the size / scale of your map on the Site Area Dropdown – the Purple Box displayed shows the area coverage of your selection. If you need a larger / smaller area coverage, choose an alternate size / scale. The product price is then displayed.

  • Choose PDF or TIFF from the Data Format Dropdown.

  • Add any red/blue line annotations to denote site boundaries as required – zoom in and amend your annotation ahead of ordering.

  • Add a User Reference in the field provided.

  • Amend (if required) the Address Details Box shown – the text displayed / entered here will appear on your Map Download.

  • Click Add to Basket then Continue to Basket.

  • Choose the number of prints your Planning Map is licenced for with the Additional Prints Dropdown.

  • Proceed to Checkout – Enter your payment details or Pay by Invoice for Credit Accounts and Place Order.

  • Click on the link displayed for Your Order Number.

  • Click Download Package to download your order.

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