CAD Data (DWG / DXF)

Order Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topo Data with 12-month license in DWG or DXF format. Ordnance Survey MasterMap Topo data is the most up to date digital mapping available anywhere in the U.K. There is full GB coverage down to building level detail supplied at either 1:1250 or 1:2500 survey scale in DWG / DXF formats for use in CAD software – choose the CAD software version for your data as you place your order.

Stanfords New OS MasterMap Topo Data DWG / DXF Formats –

Two DWG / DXF files are now included in all order downloads:

• A full colour file: all the colouring is set ‘by layer’ you can easily style or change it by creating a new layer state file – a few minutes to set up but then you can apply it to future DWGs with a couple of clicks.

• A Mono black & white lines file: only the line, point, symbol and text features in view with no colours/hatching polygons included.

Add a Contours DWG / DXF file to complement OS MasterMap Topo Data –

OS Terrain® 5 is a detailed digital terrain model (DTM) of Great Britain. It is available as a grid of heighted points and contours for GIS, both at five-metre intervals.

Stanfords has created a DWG / DXF Contours Layer, derived from OS Terrain® 5 to combine with our OS MasterMap (OSMM) Topo Data files in CAD software.

Assess the lie of the land on-screen and reduce the need for time-consuming site visits. See pages 7-12 of the Stanfords Portal User Guide for Stanfords New OS MasterMap Topo Data DWG / DXF order options, page 13 for adding OS Terrain® 5 Contour layer.
Stanfords Colour OS MasterMap Topo Data DWG + OS Terrain® 5 Contours DWG Stanfords Mono OS MasterMap Topo Data DWG + OS Terrain® 5 Contours DWG

Stanfords Portal User Guide

Stanfords OS Planning CAD Data – How to Order

  • Select Planning Application – CAD on the Product Category Dropdown.

  • Choose OS MasterMap with or without Preview on the Base Map Dropdown.

  • Search for your site centre using Postcode, Coordinates, Free Text Address, Free Text Places or OS Grid Reference.

  • Select the address / location result and accept the OS View Charge if Previewing the OS MasterMap on Screen.

  • On the Site Area Dropdown choose one of the pre-defined square order area sizes: 1, 4, 9 or 25 hectares or

  • Choose User Defined on the Site Area Dropdown to define your order area by drawing a box, drawing a polygon, drawing a line and specifying a buffer size either side of the line to create a polygon (ideal for Highways orders), entering a height / width in metres, entering top left / bottom right grid coordinates to create a box.Use single left mouse clicks to define your area, double click to close / create your area.

  • If required, adjust your order area with the Modify Feature Tool – drag & drop the order area nodes as required to create the area needed – switch off the Modify Feature Tool by clicking again.

  • Choose DWG or DXF on the Data Format Dropdown and your required CAD Version from the AutoCAD Version Dropdown.

  • Add a User Reference in the field provided.

  • Click Add to Basket then Continue to Basket.

  • Proceed to Checkout – Enter your payment details or Pay by Invoice for Credit Accounts and Place Order.

  • Click on the link displayed for Your Order Number.

  • Click Download Package to download your order.

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