About Stanfords Portal

Welcome to the New Stanfords Portal, our online mapping system which allows you to download Stanfords OS Planning Application Maps (PDF/TIFF) and Stanfords CAD OS Map Data (DWG/DXF) as required.

If you have used our previous Stanfords Portal site, please try the forgotten password link to reset your password for access to our new site; new customers can register for instant access from the Portal homepage:


New Tools and Features:

  • Brand New Interface – no more tabs to navigate.

  • Edit your Planning Map Annotations ahead of purchase – no more deleting and starting again!

  • Full screen Mapping view.

  • New DWG/DXF output in full colour.

  • CAD Versions Tool – choose the DWG/DXF output to match your CAD software release.

  • New Line Buffer Polygon Tool – specify a buffer size and draw a line to create a polygon order – ideal for highways orders.

More products will be added to Stanfords Portal throughout 2023. If you can’t find what you need here, please contact the Stanfords For Business service centre – [email protected]
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